Board of Directors

The Rev. Eric H.F. Law, Founder and Executive Director

The Rt. Rev. John H. Taylor

The Rev. Melissa McCarthy

Don Carlile

The Rev. Mary Crist

The Right Rev. Mark MacDonald

The Rev. Marcia Patton


Rev. Dr. Marcia Patton is Executive Minister Emerita of Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches, a unique Region of ABC, organized by ethnic caucuses and doing business by consensus. She lives in the Seattle Washington area where Evergreen began. The Region has churches in Alaska, California, Utah, Colorado and Venezuela as well as Washington State.

The Rev. Jesus Reyes

The Rev. Mark Smutny

mark smutny.jpg

The Reverend Dr. Mark Smutny is an ordained Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. He has served churches in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, California and Washington State. He is founder of Civic Reinventions, Inc. a consulting company that helps nonprofits thrive through strategic change, professional facilitation and coaching. He also manages a sixty-employee paratransit program, Hyde Shuttles, which provides free rides to seniors and persons with disabilities in the Seattle area. He has used KI practices in his ministry for over twenty years and currently serves as Treasurer.

Patricia Terry


Rev. Dr. Sandy Tice is a PCUSA pastor in San Bernardino. She believes the work of KI speaks to pressing need in our time, and is proud to participate in it.  She is a storyteller and spiritual director, and loves to be outdoors.  She lives with her husband Rev. Tom Rennard, and their adopted dog Buddy, who makes them laugh.

Diane Burbie

Allison Mark

Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins


Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins is the Mayor of Collegeville Borough, PA and the Executive Director Emeritus of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies. His life mission is to exhibit and extend the grace of God in his circles of influence and concern by asking himself daily, “How can I play my part in practicing the presence of Christ, right here, right now?” 

Raafat Girgis