Partners in Community Transformation

The Kaleidoscope Institute can partner with your congregation, diocese, conference, presbytery, or synod to transform existing ministries and to create new ministries which revitalize and sustain local communities.  We can engage this process with one to six congregations/ministries at a time.  A typical process for the consultation takes 6 to 12 months and is outlined in the following three phases - orientation, training and incubation - resulting in the creation and launch of new missional and sustainable ministries.  


Phase One: Holy Currencies Orientation
Time: 4 hours

This initial consultation/orientation gives an overview of Holy Currencies—a wholistic model for stewardship and congregation vitality, moving beyond “time, talent, and treasure” to create missional and sustainable ministries. Participants will also experience some of the dialogue processes that will enable church leaders to understand and utilize five other kinds of currencies besides money that are essential for creating sustainable and missional ministries—Currencies of Time/Place, Gracious Leadership, Relationship, Truth, Wellness, and Money. We will learn about how these currencies flow and recirculate to form a cycle of blessings to empower congregations to strengthen their internal relationships and to reach out and connect with the diverse populations in their neighborhood. Participants will have the option to continue the exploration of this model by recruiting a team of leaders from their churches to commit to Phase II of the consultation process.

Phase Two: Holy Currencies Leadership Training

  1. Forming a Missional Ministry Team—KI will assist local congregations to covenant with a team of church leaders who will commit to a period of time to study and develop their leadership skills in order to assist their congregation to move toward becoming missional and sustainable.  
  2. Training - Based on an assessment of where the congregation members are in their understanding of congregational vitality and stewardship as well as their Missional Ministry Team members’ leadership capacity, KI can offer some or all of the following training programs:
    • Gracious Leadership Training (30 hours)—If the Missional Ministry Team has not done the basic gracious leadership training, this training course will enable the team to work together graciously and to engage the team constructively in conversation as they continue their exploration on behalf of their congregation. The team can take the course through our intensive training institute (three days) or engage a KI Catalyst to facilitate the course locally through regular gatherings over a longer period of time,
    • Missional Ministry in the Grace Margin (12 hours)—If the congregation members have not done much reflection about what it means and how to become a missional church, this six-session dialogue program will move a larger group of church members toward missional thinking—from fear to grace, from holding on to power to sharing blessings, and from maintenance to finding fresh-expressions ministries to reach the unchurched.
    • Holy Currencies Training (30 hours)—This is an in-depth training in how to assess and develop all six currencies, moving toward creating a new vision of missional and sustainable ministries. Again, this can be done through our intensive training institute (3–4 days) or facilitated locally over a longer period of time by KI Catalysts.
  3. Process - All three programs listed can be combined, and form a customized training process spread out over a period of 6–12 months for a congregation or groups of ministries in the same area, such as a diocese, conference, presbytery, or synod. There will be homework in-between sessions for the teams to engage the wider congregational members in this study and reflection. Each team will develop an action plan, which may include going to Phase III of Holy Currencies.

Phase Three: Incubation and launching of a sustainable missional ministry

Focusing on one of the projects that emerged from the Holy Currencies training or Missional Ministries in the Grace Margin, KI will assign a team of consultants to work with your local church team to implement a process from the vision to the launching of the new ministry, making sure that all the currencies of the Cycle of Blessings are flowing.

  1. Complete the ministry plan
  2. Design organizational structure
  3. Create financial plan
  4. Foster spiritual wellness for all involved
  5. Find investors/donors
  6. Develop accountability with measurable results
  7. Project a time-frame when the ministry will be sustainable


Contact us at to connect with a KI Associate to explore this potential partnership.