Building Bridges

Facilitator Training Details

Building Bridges (formerly Dialogue on Race) training sessions are designed for facilitators with limited training (at least one-day provided by the Kaleidoscope Institute). 

Facilitators are required to use the “scripted” format to give instructions for each dialogue segment.  That is, read the italic-boldface paragraphs as if it is a script of a play. We do this because we want to ensure that the instructions are given clearly without the facilitators having to learn it by heart or give them extemporaneously.  A facilitation team can make the reading of the instructions more creative by dividing up the lines and, if appropriate, involve participants in the reading process.

Facilitators also need to be proficient in presenting a video or an audio recording as part of each session.  This means bringing the necessary equipment – computer and TV (or projector with screen) and sound speakers if needed, and doing a test-run of the presentation before the session.  All videos, audio recordings and dialogue processes and handouts are available through a password protected page at the Kaleidoscope Institute website.  You will find the link at the bottom of this page.

After the initial one-day training that would allow the facilitators to offer a 3-hour initial dialogue session for church members and community people, facilitators are expected to continue their training by participating in KI training either in person or via our bi-weekly webinars provided by the Kaleidoscope Institute to prepare for facilitating these sessions.

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