Province 1 participation is supported by a Sowing Seeds of God’s Mission grant. This grant will facilitate attendance by underwriting the Course cost of the first 25 people to register from Province 1.

GracEconomics is: 
A gift-based system of holy currency exchanges, that ensures the ongoing circulation of currencies to cultivate a sustainable ministry. When applying GracEconomics to the flow of money in an entrepreneurial ministry, it usually means providing a range in which a client or guest can contribute.  If the client or guest does not have money, he or she can pay with other kinds of currencies such as time, relationship, talent, truth, leadership, etc.

“GracEconomics” means that you pay according to your ability. We ask you to pay as close to the upper range as you are able so that others who have little financial resources can also attend. We do ask you to pay for food and lodging if you are staying overnight at one of our venues.

GracEconomics Course Registration:  $0 - $300

Housing and Food:  3 nights lodging and 9 meals
Single lodge room = $405/person
Double lodge room = $285/person
Adult-friendly cabin = $225/person (up to 4 people)

Commuter Rate = $155 (Meals and Facility Use Fee)

REGISTRATION: Click here to register.