Holy Currency

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Got an idea for a new ministry?

Want to redevelop an existing ministry making it sustainable and missional?

Covenant with the Kaleidoscope Institute to incubate this new idea for ministry moving it toward becoming reality.

We will use the Holy Currencies/Cycle of Blessing model to engage church members and community people to build relationship, discern the truth and develop leadership and financial resources.  A KI Associate will coach your church team throughout this process to create a fully developed ministry plan to launch the incubated ministry.

Example of ministries incubated through this process:

·      Life Skillz Circles, First Presbytery, San Bernardino, CA

·      Abundant Harvest, St. Isidore’s, Houston, TX

·      Burnet County Hunger Alliance, Trinity, Marble Falls, TX

·      Constance Abbey, Memphis, TN

·      St. John’s Children’s and Family Outreach, LaPorte, TX

·      Finlay Street Café, Dayton, HO

·      Mosaic Center, St. Andrew’s, Southway, TX

·      Food Truck Frenzy, Forest Hill United Church, ONT

·      Spring Outreach Services, Holy Comforter, Spring, TX



+ Contact the Kaleidoscope Institute at kscope@kscopeinstitute and/or fill in the form below to register your interest and idea for a revision or new ministry and we will be in touch to explore developing a covenant for the incubation process.

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