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Holy Currencies: Stewardship365

On-Line Course

Stewardship365 is an on-line curriculum that empowers local congregations to expand their vision of stewardship beyond money to include the currencies of relationship, truth, wellness, gracious leadership, time and place.  Through this process, they will create a year-around stewardship movement enabling the congregation to shift from maintenance to mission, from scarcity to abundance and from fear to grace.

Overview of the course:

1.     The church team begins the course by participating in an in-person Orientation. (4-6 hours).  Each team will be assigned a KI Coach.

2.     The church team then signs onto six 2-hour webinars over the next 2-6 month period covering the six holy currencies.

3.     In between webinars, each church team completes homework assignments in order to deepen the understanding of each currency.  (For longer duration of the course -6 months- church teams are to implement 5 congregation engagement processes concurrent to the webinars.)

4.     The regional congregation teams create an action plan incorporating learning, processes, tools, and congregation engagements for the coming months or year.  Each team will receive feedback from their coach before launching their Stewardship365 program.  

Tuition:  Participating congregations are asked to give a GracEconomics donation between $1000 and $3,000 per congregation team of 5 members.             

Cost of additional course material is $30 per person if provided by KI.  Training materials and worksheets will be available electronically at no additional cost.  The Holy Currencies book is available through the Kaleidoscope Institute site or through Chalice Press.

Ways to get a Stewardship365 Orientation Training in your area:

  • Complete the form on the KI website to express your interest in participating in the on-line Stewardship365 course and we will get back to you to explore how we can make it happen (scroll down for form link).

  • Recruit 15-25 participants, contact the KI office and we will provide a Stewardship365 coach/trainer to conduct an Orientation in your area.

  • Recruit at least 5 churches in your area that want to participate in the on-line Stewardship365 course.  Then contact the KI office and we will send a coach/trainer to provide the training.

  • Contact the KI Regional Director nearest your location inquire about a Stewardship365 Orientation Training opportunity scheduled in your area.

The next cycle of Stewardship365:

For more information including an outline and a full course description, click below for a pdf file:


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