Weeks 1 - 10

Study Guide Materials

Week 1: Covenant

  • Welcome to Drawing on Holy Currencies. You are joining a community of good stewards who are awesome, amazing and animated. So get some coloring pencils, markers, and/or crayons and have fun coloring the pledge card for acting on this book. Find an Accountable Person, who will commit to checking on how you are doing with your Holy Currencies and will not mind when you bother him/her with your periodic holy currencies reports. Complete the pledge card, take a photo and send it to someone who oversees stewardship ministry in your church/organization. Why? This is what it means to be part of a community: let each other knows what you are doing and invite others to help you keep your promise.

Week 2: Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

  • Here is the link to Eric’s version of the song on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkDxIk_HU64

  • Just do a search: “Praise God Eric H. F. Law” and you will find all kinds of internet locations (Amazon, iTune, CDBaby and more) where you can download the song or the whole Cycle of Blessing album.

  • Have fun singing, dancing, meditating and coloring the Praise God picture. Don’t forget to share your colorful creation on social media of our choice using #holycurrencies.\

  • For a more brainy activity, read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Holy Currencies.

Week 3: Who are you?

  • If you need to do some research to find out the meaning or story of your name, go for it. When talking to people about your name, think of it as a way to strengthen your relationships. Who knows, you might learn something about other people’s experiences of other names.

  • Take your time with sentence completions. Do them over the period of the week. Carry the book with you everywhere you go and when you are inspired to write a sentence about who are or who you are not, write it down.

Week 4: Receiving and Giving a Gift

  • Go back to an earlier time when you give or receive a gift. These early experiences might have a strong and sometime implicit impact in how your think gift-giving and generosity.

  • Remember your accountable person? Time to give him/her a report.

  • Small Group: Week 4 is also a good time to gather the group who are acting on this book and share reflections from Week 3 and 4.

  • Reading: Chapter 2 of Holy Currencies.

Week 5: You are Beloved.

  • Read the Bible passages more than once. You can read it and then do the hair thing. Then read it again and start coloring. Then read it again and write down any words or phrase that come to you and incorporate them in the picture.

  • Remember to take a photo of your creation and share it with other Holy Currencies drawers using #holycurrenices.

Week 6: Go Exercise

  • Physical wellness is an important currency because if you are not physical well, you are not able to do much. So for this week, be conscious of your experience of physical exercise. Not guilt please. Just do it and reflect on it. Who knows? You might decide to exercise regular from this week on if you are not doing it already.

  • This might be a good week to go exercise with friends, especially those who are acting on this book.

Week 7: Sabbath and Jubilee

  • Wow! This is a heavy bible week! Don’t be overwhelmed. Read one of these texts multiple times each day. Do some coloring and write down your thoughts and inspiration. Coloring the picture may help you connect more with the texts.

  • For a full reflection on these texts, read chapter 7 of Holy Currencies.

  • Remember to post the colored picture online using #holycurrencies.

Week 8: Change?!

  • Take your time with these sentences. The goal is to explore how and when your feel safe and secure and also learn more about the conditions you need in order to consider new adventure and change.

  • Time to contact your Accountable Person to give a report.

  • Small Group: This is a good week to get your group together and share about reflections and insights on wellness and change.

Week 9: Have and Have Not

  • Don’t be afraid to be a comic book illustrator! What should happen next? Just do it? What would these characters do or say to each other?

  • Remember to take a photo once you are done and share in social media using #holycurrencies. Check out what others have done with their comic book illustration.

Week 10: Dealing with Your Fear

  • Take time with these sentences. Do a few a day. They are invitations to explore and acknowledge your patterns in dealing with anxiety and fear. The second sets of sentences are invitations to discern under what conditions can you address your fears constructively as an individual and in community.