Weeks 31 - 40

Study Guide Materials

Week 31: Circle and Square I

  • Discerning truth becomes more difficult when you have powerful people who insist their idea of truth is THE TRUTH, often at the expense of the powerless. We don’t have a whole truth unless we listen to the powerless first.

  • This week is about experimenting with listening to the truth on a issue beginning with the powerless. It can be as simple as seeking out the powerless, graciously inviting them to share their perspectives on the issue and then you use your listening skills from Week 21 to further encourage them to speak. When doing this with a group, remember to use Respectful Communication Guidelines and Mutual Invitation to ensure everyone is heard.

Week 32: Get to Know Someone Different

  • We are back to currency of relationship this week. Our instinct is to avoid encountering people who are different - the differences can be political affiliation, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, etc. So taking the courage to listen to another both in church and out in your workplace, school, or neighborhood will help you learn more holistic truth about your community.

  • It’s even more important that you use your gracious leadership skills to make this happen.

  • Listen to The Dialogue Song from Week 21 again.

  • It’s that time again: check in with your AP. 

Week 33: Circle and Square II

  • Listen to the song The Beatitude on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UImjMlFS7XM

  • Just do a search: “Cycle of Blessings Eric H. F. Law” and you will find internet locations (Amazon, iTune, CDBaby and more) where you can download the song or the whole Cycle of Blessing album.

  • Listen to the song and color the comic strip.

  • What happens when the powerful are not willing or able to hear the truth? How do we continue to know and tell the truth? One way is through community.

  • Gathering the powerless can take of form of a dialogue event, a preparation for protest, or an informal gathering of friends and share experiences of recent events in our community and nation. Remember to use Respectful Communication Guidelines and Mutual Invitation to ensure everyone is heard.

Week 34: Wind of Doctrine

  • More truth work. Read the Ephesians 4:14-16. Then start coloring the comic strip. Pause periodically and read the text again before continuing.

  • Work through the next page and create an opportunity for your friends to gather and share experiences about a puzzling and confusing issue. Remember to use Respectful Communication Guidelines and Mutual Invitation to ensure everyone is heard.

 Week 35:  The Home

  • We are moving into exploring your currency of place.

  • It can be a lot of fun to do this exercise with everyone who lives in your home. The sharing of “blessings” in each space should make for great conversations.

  • Read Chapter 11 of Holy Currencies to gain more insight on Currency of Time and Place.

 Week 36: The Church

  • Small Group: This is a great week to gather your group, if they are from the same church, to do this exercise together.

  • Some more questions to ponder together:

    • How do you share what you learned from the exercise with the rest of the church members linking the money they gave to the blessings the church spaces provides?

    • What do you do with spaces that are not being used much?

 Week 37: The Neighborhood

  • Small Group: Another great week to gather your group to do the neighborhood work.

  • Before you go out for the walk, invite the group to have a discussion on what makes a sustainable community. Consider the list in the drawing of the “Game Show.”

  • At the end of the walk, gather together and share your learning and reflection. Remember to use Respectful Communication Guidelines and Mutual Invitation to ensure everyone is heard.

 Week 38: Finding Partners for Wellness

  • Based on last week’s learning, name up to 3 places that are showing signs of wellness in the neighborhood. Have fun doing more research on these places? Your research can also be opportunities to use your excellent relationship building skills to make real connections with people who are fostering wellness in your community.

 Week 39:  Unwellness in the Neighborhood

  • Well, this week we invite you to do some research on how and why certain places in your neighborhood is not well. Demographic data and statistics are useful but don’t be afraid to go out to listen to the powerless in your neighborhood who knows the truth from their experiences. Again, use your fabulous relationship building skills to gain trust and listen.

 Week 40:  Pledge Card for Place

  • Answer the questions in the first page and you will have a better idea of how to complete the pledge card.

  • Color the pledge card and you will find the completion date that you need to fill in.

  • Find an Accountable Person for this pledge card. He/she can be the same AP you have been reporting to or the AP of the last pledge card but can be someone else. It would be fun to explain to the new AP what you are doing.

  • Make the pledge card unique and beautiful. Take a photo and send it to the person who oversees stewardship ministry in your community. If this person doesn’t know what it is, you will have the opportunity to explain to him/her what you (and your group) are doing.

  • Small group: Gather your group, share experiences of the last few weeks and work on the pledge cards together. Remember to practice presenting the Respectful Communication Guidelines and use Mutual Invitation.

  • Talk to your AP soon about the fantastic progress you have made in the currencies of Truth, Place and Wellness.