The following Holy Currencies books and resource material are meant to enrich & create sustainable communities.


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Holy Currencies is a holistic model for stewardship and congregational vitality, moving beyond “time, talent, and treasure” to create missional and sustainable ministries. This model with its processes, enables church leaders to understand, develop, and utilize five other kinds of currencies besides money that are essential for creating sustainable and missional ministries. These currencies are:

  • Time & Place,

  • Gracious Leadership,

  • Relationship, Truth, and Wellness.

These currencies flow and recirculate to form a Cycle of Blessings which empower congregations to strengthen their internal relationships as well as reach out and connect with the diverse populations in their neighborhoods.

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Holy Currencies: Six Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries by Eric H. F. Law

This book gives an overview of the Holy Currencies/Cycle of Blessings model. It fully describes all six currencies including: what they are, how to develop them, the exchanges of blessings impact, and how to assist congregation members to value them. Also, this book showcases five missional and sustainable ministries which exemplify the Cycle of Blessings.


Holy Currencies: 101 Stories, songs, actions and visions for Missional and Sustainable Ministries by Eric H. F. Law

If the Holy Currencies book is the guide and explanation, this book is the fruit of many persons and organizations applying those tools!  Story after story, song and expression, these pages are filled with what Holy Currencies looks like in practice in communities and organizations.

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Drawing on Holy Currencies: Awesome, Amazing and Animated Activities for Stewardship

This book is an all together awesome (and fun!) new tool for exploring your gifts and purpose in the world.  Created by the author of the best-selling stewardship Holy Currencies, Eric H. F. Law and his artist-nephew Dave, this interactive graphic workbooks is filled with 52 weeks’ worth of creative activities to empower you to live into a life of abundance and generosity.  Drawings, doodles, questions, invitations, songs, meditations, and more spirited exercises will help you explore the amazing ways you give and receive in life.


How to Implement Holy Currencies

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