How to Get Involved

There are multiple paths which we invite you to get involved with Kaleidoscope Institute (KI).  We welcome your talents and gifts in one or more of the following roles:



At Kaleidoscope Institute, a not-for-profit, donations are a gift-based system of currency exchange that ensures the ongoing circulation of currencies to cultivate a sustainable organization. We refer to this system of donations as GracEconomics. If the client or guest does not have money, he or she can pay with other kinds of currencies such as time, relationship, talent, truth, or gracious leadership. (see opportunities below)

sponsor others through a scholarship fund

There is a lot of interest in participating in Kaleidoscope Institute programs. Our three scholarship funds allow deserving individuals the opportunity to attend when otherwise they might not be able to attend due to financial needs. Click here to learn more.


There is a large network of people who have been involved over the years with our programs, read Eric’s books and so on.  Please support Kaleidoscope Institute by talking up your experiences and interactions with us with your colleagues and within your organizations.

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This involves other kinds of gifts/currencies such as time, relationship, talent, truth, or gracious leadership. It could be preparing for, staffing during and after Kaleidoscope Institute events and so on.  Another example is the opportunity to assist us with our Social Media presence.


Kaleidoscope Institute has a wide variety of events and programs throughout the USA and Canada which individuals and groups can get involved in.


Each time you use one of our tools for your organization, and it enhances your community interaction in building an inclusive community, please consider making a GracEconomics donation to KI so we may continue to offer our resources to more and more people. Longer term or annual licenses are also available.


The Kaleidoscope Institute can partner with your organization, congregation, diocese, conference, presbytery, or judicatory to transform existing programs and outreach into work that is both missional and can sustain both the organization and the surrounding community. We can engage this process with one to six congregations/ministries at a time. A typical process for the consultation takes 6 to 12 months and is outlined in the following three phases - orientation, training and incubation - resulting in the creation and launch of new missional and sustainable ministries.

Building Bridges Facilitator

Building Bridges Now is a carefully designed and ever-expanding resource that empowers Kaleidoscope-trained facilitators to create courageous environments and encourage honest sharing of individuals’ diverse opinions, perspectives and experiences.  The emphasis on listening to understand each person’s contribution to the topic being addressed can feel counter cultural in an environment that values a debate.


Going a step further from supporter, a Kaleidoscope Institute Advocate is an official role for individuals willing to commit at least one hour per month share their experience of KI and invite others to use KI resources.


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An Accredited Kaleidoscope Institute Facilitator coordinates and facilitates inclusive small group dialogue using the standard KI core gracious leadership tools, skills and processes.  Click here to apply.


After successfully practicing as a facilitator in good standing for at least a year, one can be accredited to become an Associate.  A Kaleidoscope Institute Associate represents KI through consultation, and building relationships with clients, design of trainings and consultation processes, formation of project team to deliver training, dialogue and consultation processes for specific clients.

Board member

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Kaleidoscope Institute, a not-for-profit corporation.  Members are responsible for managing the corporation, making sure that the corporation is run properly according to state and federal laws and faithful and effective to accomplish its mission. We are always looking to expand our diverse board membership with talented and committed individuals.

Ready to get involved? Send us a message!