Do you have an idea for a new ministry? Would you like to redevelop an existing ministry to make it more sustainable and missional?

Partner with the Kaleidoscope Institute to incubate this new idea for ministry and make it a reality.

When we say incubate, we mean that we will offer the processes, framework and tools to develop new or existing ideas for programs and ministries into a living and breathing practice!

We will use the Holy Currencies/Cycle of Blessing model to engage church members and your community to build relationships, discern the truth and develop leadership and financial resources. A KI Associate will coach your church team throughout this process to create a fully developed ministry plan to launch the incubated ministry.

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How to Get Started

Contact the Kaleidoscope Institute at or click here to fill out our contact form and register your interest and idea for a revision or new ministry. We will be in touch to explore developing a covenant for the incubation process.