Accredited KI Facilitator Job Description

Purpose of the Position

An Accredited Kaleidoscope Institute Facilitator coordinates and facilitates inclusive small group dialogue using the standard KI core gracious leadership tools, skills and processes.  


  • Successful Completion of KI training that covers:

    • Conocimientos

    • Respectful Communication Guidelines

    • Mutual Invitation (including understanding of the Cycle of Gospel Living)

    • Kaleidoscope Bible/Text Sharing

    • Who Am I (including the ability to use video for dialogue)

    • Gracious Invitation (including understanding of the concept of the Grace Margin)

  • Demonstrate proficiency of the above modules and be approved by at least one KI Associate.
    Proficiency assessment will include:
                Sample of Gracious Invitation
                Sample Presentations of the modules (in person or via video)
                Explain rationale for each module
                Ability to clearly articulate Gospel Cycle of Living and Grace Margin

  • Read The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb, The Bush Was Blazing But Not Consumed and Inclusion, and demonstrate understanding and integration of concepts and models from these books in using KI processes and skills.

  • Complete Intercultural Development Inventory(r) (IDI) and have an individual learning plan to increase intercultural competency.

  • Ability to work with a facilitation partner or a KI team to deliver dialogue program/workshop/consultation.

  • Comfortable working in diverse settings (e.g. churches, schools, civic organizations, companies, non-profit organizations, etc.)


  • Be a practitioner of the KI core skills by forming and facilitating an on-going local dialogue group - i.e  Kaleidoscope Text/Bible Sharing group, Building Bridges Now dialogue group (with the required training), and Gracious Leadership Course I and II (with the required training).

  • Participate in regional gatherings of KI Associates and Facilitators for continuing education.

  • Log in 12 hours per year of continuing education to stay as a KI Facilitator in good standing. (i.e. Building Bridges Now webinars, KI Summer Institute, IDI webinar, Regional Continuing Education programs, etc.

  • Response to KI request to be part of a team to deliver training, dialogue and consultation.

  • Volunteer 4 hours per month to support KI ministry: facilitating your local dialogue group can count as volunteer time.

  • Update your KI Facilitator profile every six months.

  • Submit an annual report on your KI activities: continuing education, volunteer hours, activities that contribute to your movement toward becoming a KI Associate.

Ministry Location

  • KI Facilitators form and facilitate their dialogue groups where they live. When a KI Facilitator accepts an invitation to be part of a KI team to deliver program/workshop/consultation, the location can be anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Time Commitment

  • Average 12-18 hours per month.


  • A KI Facilitator, when invited to be part of a KI team for specific projects, will be paid up to $200 per day.  Facilitators will be reimbursed for travel and lodging relating to KI projects.

  • When assisting with planning a KI event with an Associate, KI Facilitators will be paid $25/hour.  When KI Facilitators are not paid, they can log these hours as volunteer hours.

Wellness Plan

  • Given that most KI Facilitators have other jobs, it is essential that they create a wellness plan with the help of their KI Associate/Mentor. Periodically, there might be regional events such as retreat, KBS groups, support gatherings for KI Facilitators.  Facilitators in training are invited to contact the KI office to help them find KI facilitators or associates who could be conversation partners, mentors, and supporters in their geographic area. KI is willing to help design and fund any half-day or daylong retreat for facilitators or associates in a given region once the KI office receives a request and proposal. KI staff and associates may be available to participate online or offer in person support depending on their availability.


  • All KI Facilitators are expected to participate in at least 12 hour/year of continuing education to develop their knowledge and skills in addition to KI modules.  Additional training may be necessary for KI Facilitators to function effectively as part of a team for a specific KI Project.  Of course KI Facilitators can do more by coming to our annual KI Training Institutes.  


  • A KI Facilitator will be assigned a KI Associate as a mentor.

  • A KI Facilitator will have periodic meetings with other Facilitators in the geographical area in person, or meeting via webinar format when physical presence is not possible.  If there is a KI Regional Director in the area, they will be the coordinator of the network.

  • A KI Facilitator will communicate with the Director of Program and Training for training needs.

  • A KI Facilitator will communicate with the KI Operation Coordinator on staff agreement when involved in a KI project.

Ministry Review

There will be an annual ministry review with the KI Associate/Mentor.  This ministry review may involve other appropriate persons who have worked with the KI Facilitator.   


Benefits such as pension contribution and health insurance are to be negotiated depending on the KI Facilitator’s personal situation, ordination status and role in relation to their faith tradition and the requirements of their denominational pension program.

to apply, please download the application below