Kaleidoscope Institute - Midwest

Facilitator Accreditation 2020

April 20-23, 2020

*follow up dates later in the year

Transfiguration Spirituality Center

495 Albion Ave, Glendale, OH 45246

Presenting Partners: Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati

An Accredited Kaleidoscope Institute Facilitator coordinates and facilitates inclusive small group meetings and dialogue sessions using the standard KI core gracious leadership tools, skills and processes.

The Accreditation Process

Time: 6 months

April 20-23, 2020

A 3.5 day initial KI Facilitator Training covering the basic KI skills:

  • Conocimientos

  • Respectful Communication Guidelines

  • Mutual Invitation

  • Kaleidoscope Bible/Text sharing

  • Gracious Invitation

  • Photo-language

  • Practicum: initiate and facilitate a small group dialogue process in local church

Date TBD

1st video conference follow-up training:

  • Debrief learning from practicum

  • Learn how to apply KI skills and tools to design a neighborhood community event

  • Practicum: initiate and facilitate a neighborhood community event

Date TBD

2nd video conference follow up training:

  • Debrief learning from practicum

  • Apply facilitation skills and tools to improve existing congregational and community meetings

  • Practicum: Assist the planning and facilitation of an existing group meeting

Date TBD

3rd video conference follow-up training

  • Debrief learning from practicum

  • Commitment to practice as KI facilitators in churches

  • Certificate ceremony


$750-$1500 per person (limited scholarship available)

$300 overnight accommodations (incl. meals) for first event

$120 commuter rate (incl. meals) for first event;

For questions or additional information, please contact Linda Young (Midwest Regional Director) at linda.young@kscopeinstitute.org