Housing for KI Summer Institute 2019

Housing for KI Summer Institute 2019

from 100.00

Housing is now closed. If you still are interested in a room, please contact Kathryn at kathryn@kscopeinstitute.org and she can recommend alternative options nearby.

Please reserve housing for the number of nights you will be attending the institute. If you wish to have a private room, please note that we ask for an additional $20 per night to accommodate this request. 

Please follow these instructions for proper checkout.

Select the type of room and number of nights in the dropdown menu for “Type of Room.” There is no need to change the “Quantity” because each option already reflects the number of nights you want the room for. After you click “Add to Cart” you will be prompted to select the specific nights you need the room for.

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Do you need help with registration? Email us directly at kscope@kscopeinstitute.org with your questions. Thank you!